VoIP Has Many Benefits. Security Is Not One Of Them—You Need An SBC.
You wouldn’t put your data network on the internet without a firewall—why would you expose your voice network without a Session Border Controller?

Prevent Toll Fraud, Denial of Service Attacks, Number Spoofing and all the associated costs and downtime.

Choose Sangoma Vega eSBCs as your efficient, yet full featured SBC for highly secure network interconnection to different SIP networks.

  • A first-class security device, not just a SIP aware firewall or gateway that leaves you only partially protected.
  • All-in pricing model removes sticker shock; efficient carrier grade unit with features tailored to enterprise use. Don’t pay for what you don’t need.
  • Advanced on-device troubleshooting helps to identify problems fast.
You deserve a Sangoma SBC—for safe and affordable protection when you go SIP.


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