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  • 17Feb 2016

    Achieving your lowest total cost of ownership starts before any climber goes up the tower. No matter what phase your project—or what wireless technology you are deploying—Redline Project Engineers have expert advice to help you reduce project costs, keep schedules on-track, optimize system performance and ensure the l

  • 17Feb 2016

    Proven reliability for business communications infrastructure. Provide high capacity broadband where you require it regardless of distance, physical location, or project schedule constraints. Provide Internet access at remote offices or warehouses. Place video surveillance cameras in the optimal location with wireless connectivity. Have confidence in t

  • 07Dec 2015

  • 10Dec 2015

  • 06Dec 2015

    PMP 450i 900 MHz is brought further to the capacity and opportunity to the flagship of PMP 450 platform with the help of 900 MHz spectrum. This in addition enables deeper frequency propagation to blend with the needs of rural broadband deployments, SCADA and Sensor data backhaul, Video Surveillance applications, etc. The Cambium Networks 450i 900 MH ha

  • 12Nov 2015

    The global manufacturer of fiber optic cable and accessories, AFL joins the great distributor of the region to propogate its products further and reach more audience. The latest efforts towards this end is the opening of the calibration center for AFL and fluke products. This is the latest and the only service cente

  • 26Oct 2015

  • 19Oct 2015

    Faxapps network server was designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. The Faxapp sever comes with all necessary hardware ans software to allow network users to send and receive faxes from the desktop or browser. It is a turnkey solution that connects to PSTN fax lines. Faxapps fax servers converts faxes to TIFF files allowing you to r

  • 19Oct 2015

    Standing out while doing business is all about effective communication, but communication is not all about technology. It is about making contact, building effective Relationships and exchanging ideas. Fast paced modern business life devise new ways for people to connect remotely. Video conferencing allows you to meet with colleagues, partners and

  • 19Oct 2015

    The 9621G IP Desk phone is a multi-line phone designed for users that spend considerable amounts of time on the phone. The 9621G IP Desk phone has a graphical color display, large touch screen and integrated Gigabit interface. Part of the 9600 Series IP Desk phones, the 9621G leverages your enterprise IP Network to deliver sophisticated voice communications

  • 19Oct 2015

    Exceptional Experience & Extraordinary Power:At this Gitex we feature the Avaya Scopia® XT5000 with exceptional video, audio, and data quality. The intuitive quality of the Scopia XT5000 is designed with the end user in mind. It delivers instant and effective meeting control with little or no training required. With Microsoft Exchange calendar supp

  • 14Oct 2015

    The main reason people choose Peplink is because of its wonderful ability, the very ability that gives priority to WAN connections and failover between them. Peplink is the proud to connect the World’s Largest Ship Online. With gross tonnage measuring in at 403,342 GT and a lifting capacity of 48,000 tons, the Pioneering Spirit is by far world's large

  • 12Oct 2015

    Netscout Systems is a market leader in service assurance and cyber security solutions. At Gitex the company will demonstrate how Netscout  Service Assurance platform and Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology allows IT teams to rapidly triage performance issues in virtual, physical and hybrid IT environments. This in turn will provide a flawles

  • 05Oct 2015

    When anyone is looking to connect the unconnected then, Cambium Networks is the answer. It is headquartered outside Chicago. It has research centers in the U.S., Ashburton, U.K. and India. A leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions, it has an extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and poin

  • 04Oct 2015

    Tramigo is the multinational from Finland. They are pioneers in providing state-of-art fleet management solutions. Their focus is on changing the tracking industry all while creating the first global consumer brand in the vehicle tracking sector. Always coming up with innovative series of products right from the T20 to T23, Tramigo never ceases to amaze. T2

  • 29Sep 2015

    The Leisure Show currently taking place at Dubai just started yesterday.Conducted at the World Trade Centre Dubai, this show has already attracted a Multitude of business opportunities across the region. The show featured everything from Technology/Security, Facilities Management, Interiors/Lighting/Design, Kitchen and Bathrooms, HORECA/Food Services,

  • 28Sep 2015

    Prologix will be showcasing over 20 vendors across various verticals this GITEX. Trango Systems is prominent among them. Trango Systems is committed to delivering high quality Products and services with a global vision of being the leading provider of Microwave Backhaul Solutions. Trango products stand out due to their exclusive features. The Trango ca

  • 26Jul 2015

    AFL is now offering an extensive lineup of fusion splicers for field splicing applications. From bringing in the world’s smallest fusion splicer to launching the world’s first fully ruggedized splicer, Fujikura has always pioneered in fusion splicing technology from way back in the 1980’s. The present generation field models offer tremendo

  • 25Jun 2015

    This update provides enterprises, SMB’s and carriers with new powerful functionality with interoperability to enable the growing needs of flexible IP telephony solutions. It provides enhanced IP Communication systems for both voice & data. This 2.2 version delivers a powerful SIP-based platform supporting TDM & full-IP connec

  • 19May 2015

    This award recognizes the distributor who won maximum number of votes among competitors for its expertise in distribution of networking products. The winner of this prestigious award was none other than Prologix L.L.C, who is the most trusted distributor in the region.      

  • 01Apr 2015

    Sarwan Singh, MD & Founder of Prologix says “The Future belongs to Cloud-based IT Solutions” in the CEOREPORT, March-2015 edition of the Gulf News Sponsored Supplement.

  • 25Feb 2015

    Keysight Technologies Inc, the world leader in electronic measurement is transforming today’s measurement experience with the help of innovations in wireless, modular and software solutions. Keysight Technologies provide a range of options in Oscilloscopes, Digital Multi Meter, Hand Held Instruments, and Spectrum Analyzer etc. to cater to customer nee

  • 25Feb 2015

    Spectracom provides a wide range of products which includes Timing and Synchronization (Master clock), Positioning and Navigation, Test and Measurement – Counters and Frequency standards.Spectracom is recognized worldwide for providing GNSS Signal management solutions for critical operations. The solutions provided by Spectracom have

  • 25Feb 2015

    LevelOne established in 1998 in Dortmund, Germany by Digital Data Communications GmbH is a leading provider of wireless solution, networking and Security Solution worldwide. The company delivers the best product portfolio to match with the demands of the users in day to day life. LevelOne has recently launched a versatile Wi-Fi range exten

  • 25Feb 2015

    Totolink wins over 80% of SOHO market in Korea with its advanced devices, software and flexible pricing. Totolink today is getting popular day by day due to its smart Wi-Fi world. The company today offers a complete range of products and solution on broadband Wi-Fi and easily meets the various demands of clients. With long standing business relationship the

  • 01Feb 2015

    Keysight Technologies announces the release of IniniiVision 3000T X-Series redefined Oscilloscopes. The 3000t-X-series has the efficiency to take everything that was revolutionary about the model A and contains a capacitive touch screen. The structure of this device is user friendly with is specifically designed for touch. 3000 X-Series contains an exclusiv

  • 01Feb 2015

    Wi-Fi Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System combines the proven fiber connector inspection and analysis capabilities of the award winning FOCIS and FOCIS PRO system. This contains powerful and easy to use capabilities of smartphone and tablet.   FOCIS Wi-Fi system is now available in three different versions:

  • 31Jan 2015

    Simoco recently introduced SDM622 controller microphone which features a multi-line graphic display and full keypad. The microphone delivers the users high levels of functionality with enough space for visual information and text message. SDM622 is a unique mobile microphone which suits to any mission critical environment.  

  • 31Jan 2015

    AFL OFL280 is a Flex Testers delivers unmatched combination of fiber test functions which is easy to use and portable. Every model in OFL280 contains single- mode, dual mode and triple wavelength OTDR with standard and PON modes. These FlexTesters are perfect for the outside plant environment which has the capacity to operate for 12 hours with the help of r

  • 21Dec 2014

    Tramigo:  Tramigo is a well-known multinational company headquartered in Finland. The company is recognized for its innovative technologies and ideas aiming to bring change in the tracking industry and create the first global consumer brand for tracking products and telematics business.  Prologix D

  • 26Nov 2014

    Symbol TC70 is a touch computer engineered to boost efficiency and customer service in retail sector, manufacturing and wholesale industry. The new Symbol TC70 computer is supported by more than 50 certified applications for retailers as well as manufacturers. This includes price and inventory checks, line busting, workforce management and

  • 25Nov 2014

    Today when organization network slows down or breaks down completely, users do not care where the problem roots from. They just want the problem to be fixed. With the increase in complexity and interdependencies of today’s IT environment, the approach to network and application performance monitoring called AANPM has increased. There are various

  • 24Nov 2014

    Cambium Networks a global leader in delivering wireless broadband solutions has announced the availability of software release 13.2. This includes improvement in packets per second, MIMO-A and progressive rate adapt. Cambium Networks PMP 450 provides high class wireless broadband network which allows new revenue- generating services for service providers an

  • 02Nov 2014

    The new site is all set to refresh your experience in providing intuitive navigation during repeated  site-visits. Prologix Distribution welcomes you to explore the innovation and adapt to the changes we have introduced so thoughtfully. The organization provides compassionate leadership and critical infrastructure to master the modern technology based

  • 30Oct 2014

    It is estimated that small cells could serve up to 25% of all mobile traffic with small cells shipments reaching a $20.4 billion mark by 2016. Wi-Fi & Small Cells MENA event was aimed at bringing together  regional operators who are looking to leverage existing Wi-Fi networks and are taking aggressive steps towards deploying small

  • 28Oct 2014

    The awards focused on the contribution of VADs, Channel Partners, individuals, projects, organizations and technologies that have excelled in the use, development and deployment and distribution of IT products and services in the past 12 months.   Prologix Distribution is elated to be a recipient of this

  • 30Sep 2014

    If you are a mobile operator and are looking to enhance revenues and subscriber retention by providing improvised customer experience, this may give you an answer. Empirix is a company which the world’s largest Telecommunication and Service Providers, as well as IT and Enterprises have irrevocably laid their trust on for the last 22 years. Compan

  • 29Sep 2014

    The strong point of DMR is that it provides affordable digital systems with low complexity and offers voice, data and other supplementary services.  DMR is an ETSI open standard Simoco Xd range of products fully comply to this standard. Why Simoco Xd?Simoco is one global company which has left everyone behind when it comes to delivering outst

  • 28Aug 2014

    LevelOne, the German provider of networking components has announced release  of new network management software which can manage AP (Access Point) devices. LevelOne network management software enables a centralized management of LevelOne AP devices in a variety of applications. This will allow the administrations

  • 26Aug 2014

    DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- GFI Software™ today announced the availability of GFI FaxMaker 2014. The latest version now supports machines running Windows® 7 and Windows 8/8.1 operating systems, an important development for businesses, especially those in regulated industries that rely on faxing. Businesses can run GFI FaxMaker on

  • 09Aug 2014

    New release coincides with company receiving FCC grant to operate in U-NII band covering 5150 and 5250 MHz  ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., July 29, 2014 — Cambium Networks™, a global leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today announced the release of the ePMP Force 100, a high-gain integrated subscriber solution. The ePMP Force 10

  • 05Aug 2014

    Cambium Networks introduces LinkPlanner which is now available for point-to-multipoint planning. LinkPlanner has the feature to eliminate guesswork out of a link design and provide the user a reliable performance protection before purchasing or deploying a device or system. Cambium LINKPlanner enables you to easily design links which quick

  • 28Aug 2014

    M310 OTDR integrates TruEvent™ Technology, an advanced event analysis software to accurately analyze, locate and measure network events enabling the user to determine where losses meet or exceed specifications.  The OTDR is easy to use and is designed with integrated source, power meter and VFL which is compatible with DFSI Connector inspect

  • 18Aug 2014

    Prologix- Africa Bootcamp Seminar in Dar-es-Salaam (18thAugust 2014, Serena Hotel)   The first leg of the Prologix Wireless Connectivity East Africa Roadshow Series was conducted in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania on 18th August, 2014. The roadshow received a tremendous response with a high turnout of key members from Tele

  • 14Aug 2014

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  • 24Aug 2014

    Point to Point solution 450 and 650L are engineered for applications such as enterprise access, backup connection services, leased line replacement and video surveillance. PTP 450 and PTP 650L contains the best features to provide network operators with wireless broadband solutions which allow them to grow and services to maximize their ROI. PTP 650 is

  • 23Jul 2014

    Sangoma VoIP Gateways contains a series of Vega appliance that work in an efficient manner, which can be purchased at nominal price. Each Vega appliance series in Sangoma VoIP Gateway functions with individual unique features.     Series of Vega Gateways  Vega 50 Media Gateway  Vega 50 Media Gateway is engineered

  • 19Jul 2014

    Anite’s Nemo Handy- A and Nemo Walker Air are high in demand due to their compatibility with broadcom M320 chipset, which has ideal locking features. Anite Finland Ltd, a global provider of specialist systems and software for the air interface network testing and application QoS/QoE tests. With the recent success story about nemo products support

  • 10Jul 2014

    The product portfolio of Trango Systems is wide enough to reach the expectations and needs of customers. Trango Systems Giga Longhaul, Apex Links and StrataLink 24™ are ideal indoor and outdoor wireless microwave backhaul solutions which enable operators to rapidly expand and deliver excellent return on investment, advance functionality, future p

  • 01Jul 2014

    Pepwave AP One access points are well-designed enterprise wireless networking solution without administration procedures. AP One provides advance grade Wi-Fi which quickly has the capability to easily respond to the users' requirements and needs. AP One access point’s series brings down the WI-Fi management hassle and balances with WLAN Controller.&nb

  • 30Jun 2014

    The HDMI switch is designed with multiple cables pre-attached to make it user friendly and handy for any office. LevelOne KVM-0290 is a switch that is easily installed with easy plug and play capabilities. The device has the feature to power itself through the USB connection.    KVM-0290 is a single

  • 26Jun 2014

    Although Prologix is making its debut in the Power List this year, the company is not new to the regional IT distribution. The company has over the last few years consolidated its offerings in the value and services space. Prologix wants to continue enhancing its credentials in the networking segment in the region.     

  • 26Jun 2014

    eFortify has the ability to recognize and react  to external interference in high noise environments and eCommand provides a suite of management tools to plan, provision and monitor the network, providing operators with the ability to confidently deploy high performance networks, with greater visibility and control.eFortify guarantees maximum throughpu

  • 16Jun 2014

    What is important to note is that the output signals of the load-cells have very small voltage range. The output signal is also sensitive to the force applied, and the measured readings are easily influenced by poor connections in the load-cell itself. There are also chances of leakage of the excitation voltage due to poor weather.  A stable bridge-re

  • 08Jun 2014

    Totolink A2004NS is a fifth generation wireless dual band gigabit router that delivers range and speed up to 1167Mbps. The functionality of the wireless router is three times faster than 802.11n standard. A2004NS is designed with four antennas, one USB2.0 port, delivers high signal efficiency for wireless as well as wired network. Key Features:Extremel

  • 02Jun 2014

    RB951Ui-2HnD is a SOHO AP that contains a new generation Atheros CPU and processing power. The wireless SOHO AP has five Ethernet ports, one USB port, high power 2.4 GHz 1000mW 802.11b/g/n and has in-built 2x2 MIMO PIF antennas. Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD contains 600MHz CPU and a RAM capacity of 128MB. The wireless SOHO AP has POE output function for port

  • 31May 2014

    The switch is 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch, which contains power over Ethernet capability. The 16 Ports present in FEP-1600 contains on-off control and supports up to 30W on every single LAN port when kept in ON position. If a user wants to extend the network connection up to 100meters he or she can make use of LevelOne PoE repeater. Key Featur

  • 25May 2014

    Totolink wireless routers are network devices which seamlessly link together your laptops, smart phones, tablet PCs, IPTV and other Wi-Fi devices with advanced speed. If you are using Wi-Fi at home but everyone in your family is unable to enjoy a high-speed connection, Totolink router is what you must consider to buy. Totolink wireless routers are design

  • 12May 2014

    EXTECH was founded in Taiwan and is the first in the industry to implement iOS app control function globally. Through its partnership with Prologix, EXTECH aims to target verticals of Manufacturing, Standardization labs, Calibration Labs and Education in the Middle East and Africa. The product portfolio of EXTECH includes Electrical safety test solutions,

  • 03May 2014

    AnaPico, a ISO9001:2008 certified company is as leader in technology for manufacturing and providing high quality test and measurement equipment for a wide range of RF and Microwave applications.  The company is headquartered in Switzerland. The new partnership with leading VAD Prologix is aimed to deliver the best service and high class products

  • 30Apr 2014

    The new frequency band is the latest of the incremental updates on ePMP portfolio, since the launch of the platform last October.  In summary, ePMP is now available in following frequencies:2402 – 2472 MHz5150 – 5350 MHz, 5470 - 5970MHz    Other Key Features of the ePMP platform are:AP Capacity: up to 200 MbpsRemote

  • 27Apr 2014

    These industrial-strength fast ethernet media converters suit wide range of applications. They are compact and small measuring just 59mm by 49mm with height of 36mm. The main purpose of the media converter is to pair dissimilar media types. They allow connection to a range of different transceivers at 100Mbps speed through its small form-factor (SFP) s

  • 18Apr 2014

    The ability renders SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO a perfect choice to  use in military, mining, construction, aerospace, etc.  Aaronia is a leading manufacturer of Radio Frequency and Electronic Frequency detector equipment and is headquartered in Germany. The XFR PRO offers a huge variety of helpful functions for spectrum analysis including a var

  • 11Feb 2014

    Nemo Commander is a pioneering solution that allows mobile operators to remotely access numerous measurement systems. The remote control solution is the perfect platform for controlling network testing in a centralized mode. Nemo Commander enables user to remotely access Anite devices like Nemo Outdoor, Nemo Handy, Nemo Explorer- 1 and Nemo Invex test

  • 11Dec 2013

    Peplink, the latest addition to Prologix’s impressive list of VAD partners,  has launched InControl 2 – A cloud based device management, monitoring and reporting tool.  All Peplink devices can be registered to InControl 2 in order to get advanced administration tools, unprecedented device visibility, and comprehensive reporting. L

  • 11Dec 2013

    This wireless ceiling gigabit POE access point is embedded with IEEE IEEE 802.11n/b/g 2.4GHz, LevelOne WAP-6101 enterprise access point provides up to 300Mbps internet speed which is secure and easy way of wireless communication with a WEC button which helps the user to switch the device between master and slave mode.When the device is in Slave access point

  • 11Dec 2013

    Sub10 Liberator E1000e is engineered to expand the capacity of data in enterprise sector by offering versatile features like Adaptive modulation, Low Latency and AES 256 bit encryption. 70/80 GHz is a wide band which allows advance throughput than any other traditional microwave.These wide bands have the consistency to offer range transmission distances und

  • 25Nov 2013

    This Wireless repeater supports wireless 802.11b/g/n, and one 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port. Aztech WL559E is ranges up to 200Mbps data transfer rate. This wireless repeater extends the range to a longer area where it is far away from the router and access point. WL559E makes the user free from wires and extends the Wi-Fi signal from virtually any 802.11

  • 25Nov 2013

    Branded as IntelliSight™, the solution is the next major thing in customer service management pioneered by Empirix and is being deployed for key customers in North America and Asia. The Primary aim of this solution is to align executives’ key business objectives (KBOs) with the key performance indicators (KPIs) on the network using a servic

  • 20Nov 2013

    Frank Pauer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Sub10 Systems spoke at the conference  on the development of millimetre wave (MMW) technology, and on how such technology is the need of the hour  in Middle East and sub-Saharan  Africa. MMW (also referred to as mmW), are extremely high frequency radio waves with wavelength of one to ten

  • 10Nov 2013

    AFL is world’s leading provider of Fiber Optic products and Test and Measurement Equipment which they manufacture and distribute. For the first-time ever, AFL is going to start an Authorized Service and Calibration Center in UAE for their customers with the association of their local partner and Master Distributor Prologix, who will undertake the comp

  • 15Nov 2013

    Business Need Valentine Maritime is a leading Engineering, Procurement Construction  offshore construction company in the Middle East and the wider region. The company was looking to connect their head office with their branch offices through wireless internet connectivity. Solution OfferedSystem License Free 24.05-24.25 GHz 750 Mbps Full Dup

  • 20Oct 2013

  • 10Oct 2013

    This PoE solution enables fast and cost effective applications like outdoor surveillance, communication and digital signage to function in a smooth mode. The traditional PoE networks operate in the range of up to 100meters while the new long-range network solution can extend the network up to two kilometers with the help of AWG cable. This cutting-edge and

  • 02Sep 2013

    The company has understood  that the midsize companies have limitations on their IT expenditures and budgets and has paid special attention in developing  communication solutions specifically for this particular segment. Today, Avaya has become a sensational brand in the midmarket category and has set a new standard for simple, effective, engaging

  • 02Sep 2013

    Wireless broadband requires RF spectrum: A scarce limited resource because of the tremendous demand for broadband, government regulators and corporations have to answer critical questions regarding spectrum allocation. This contains the allocation of spectrum to fulfill the demands of customer at the same time improve spectrum efficiency and utilizatio

  • 25Jul 2013

    In Feb 2014, Cambium Network’s, world’s leading wireless broadband solutions provider, launched the latest version of PMP 450 in the 3 GHz frequency. This is in addition to the legacy versions of 2.4 and 5 GHz. By offering the 3 GHz frequency option, Cambium is trying to touch a special chord with its customers who have already purchased the cov

  • 20Jul 2013

    NXTID offers a compact, organized web-based timesheet and time tracking software for all kinds of small and medium businesses. The application gives the convenience to access timesheet application from anywhere and anytime as it is hosted on a secure server. Key Features• Commercial based Fingerprint matching algorithm• High-image quality o

  • 15Jul 2013

    ADDCOM provides its customers a wide range of telecom solutions for offices as well as call center environments. The product portfolio of ADDCOM includes wireless headsets, wired headsets, corded headsets, amplifiers that functions flexibly and has the latest collection. ADDCOM corded headsets are repositioned differently unlike other headsets wit

  • 10Jul 2013

    Visual TruView performs in 3 steps which includes application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring and VoIP performance monitoring to provide the best result. This application is simple to use and all inclusive package. Visual TruView is different from the other products available in the market as it uses a paradigm that focuses on on

  • 25May 2013

    This charger automatically detects your laptop output voltage. It is slim and light in weight with quadruple protection -  can resist overvoltage, shortcuts and overheat . This charger also comes with standard pack of 7 bits enabling it to adapt different brands of computer laptops in the market.  Infosec 90W universal charger is availab

  • 15May 2013

    This device is ideal for internet surfing, online gaming and also video streaming. iPuppyIII is designed in a compact manner which can be handy during traveling and also for home use. This portable access point has a slide switch that allows users to enjoy wireless internet access in various environment. Totolink iPuppyIII is powered by one Micro USB p

  • 25Mar 2013

    2013 has been a year of strong growth for the regional ICT industry. While government and public sector continues to be a major contributor to IT spending, the industry witnessed significant budgets being allocated to communication and banking sectors. UAE this year unveiled ambitious plans for smart city development and the Dubai 2020 announcement is also

  • 20Mar 2013

    Mr. Scott Imhoff stated that "This week I had the pleasure of participating in a full-day seminar hosted by Prologix in Dubai, United Arab Emirates".                               (Published on 27th JANUARY 2014) www.cambiumnetworks.com  

  • 15Mar 2013

      Global manufacturer of outdoor wireless infrastructure solutions Cambium networks has partnered with Prologix distribution to retail its products in the region which both companies say has seen increased demand for wireless solutions. Prologix as a distributor, was chosen over other companies due to its expertise in value added distribution

  • 11Mar 2013

    Dec-20-2013: FCS-9064 is one among the listed products which has many features added to it after the upgrades done by LevelOne. One of the major feature that adds up is live P/T/Z motion detection and E-map.The upgraded version of FCS-9064 will support playback of 16 channels and the version 1.34.0 allows simultaneous monitoring up to 64 channels. The acces

  • 20Feb 2013

    Sub10 which is based Devon, UK has partnered with Prologix Distribution and participated in Intersec 2014 showcasing its innovative technologies to customers. Sub10 provides a range of products which include Wireless Ethernet Bridges which is used for leased line replacement, LAN Extensions, wireless Backhaul Solutions etc. The products Provided by Sub10 a

  • 10Feb 2013

    airFiber® delivers an amazing wireless gigabit+performance, low latency and long range. This device is currently in great demand and used for carrier backhaul, building-to- building wireless technology, public safety applications and for enterprise use. airFiber delivers gigabit performance at 1.0+ Gbps for airFiber AF5/AF5U and 1.4+ Gbps for airF

  • 10Feb 2013

    The Product portfolio in Ideal Industries Networks includes portable test equipments, installation tools, all kinds of copper and fiber cable installation, network managing and troubleshooting access and telecom testing. Ideal Industries Networks comes with years of experience in network testing and installation. The present company is  formed thr

  • 07Feb 2013

    LevelOne is the companies that provide networking solutions with a range of products that allow customers to choose the one that matches to their  business needs . You can surely get the best solutions on IP surveillance technology and also get the best use of networking planning, deployment and maintenance. LevelOne had a range of products t

  • 02Feb 2013

    Proxim provides the best solutions in WI-Fi®,   Point to Multipoint wireless broadband, Point to Point Wireless backhaul system, Access Points, Backhaul, Wireless Broadband, ISP and various other wireless network management solutions. There are 4G Wireless network technologies efficiently designed  for wireless internet, Video Surveillance an

  • 25Jan 2013

    Some of the latest patterns that will match your expectations and needs to get a geek look are Brick style case, iPhone case with PU leather Coated finishes, trendy Dual color case, ML cases, peppy Jean case and TPU IML cases. NXWARE can be the ideal pick to go with the happening trend in the market in options in iPhone case cover. The iPhone cases tha

  • 11Jan 2013

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 7, 2014 – Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today revealed the name of the electronic measurement company it expects to spin off in early November 2014 as Keysight Technologies.  The name Keysight conveys the ability to see what others cannot, offering the critical or key insights to understand and unlock the chan

  • 09Jan 2013

    Company HighlightsPrologix is a leading system integration and technology distribution company. The company’s main objective is to help the telecom industry to seamlessly generate revenue streams. The company has a widespread presence over the globe including in major countries such as UAE, India, Kenya, Qatar and Nigeria. Headquartered in Dubai,

  • 04Jan 2013

  • 16Dec 2012

     For More Information: http://issuu.com/enterprisechannelsmea/docs/enterprise_channells_mea_december_1 

  • 16Dec 2012

    The unique feature of CCR1036-12G-4S is it has the capacity to support throughput of 24 million packets per second, or up to 16 gigabytes.   This device is designed in a 1U Rackmount case with four inbuilt SFP ports, 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports, serial console and USB. CCR1036-12G-12G-4S has  a color touchscreen display device status, Traffic g

  • 10Dec 2012

    An access point (AP) or hub that sends data from one local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) to another. A router monitors and controls data flow and sends information using the most efficient route based on traffic load, line costs, speed, bad connections, etc.. Complies with IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11g/b standards for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN. N5

  • 02Dec 2012

    The repeater is equipped with 1 x 10/100M Auto MDI/MDIx LAN port which can be used for connecting an existing wired network to function as a wireless interface. Prologix Distribution has a range of aztech products for the Middle East and Africa Region Customers. WL559E Wireless range extender makes use of an existing 02.11n wireless signal, repeats and ext

  • 20Nov 2012

    Wireless Backhaul Systems feature industries leading system gain and error-free with incomparable link reliability. This wireless backhaul solution is a wireless communication system being widely used for transferring voice, video and data for large business, academic institutions or government agency. Most demanded wireless backhaul systems obviously invol

  • 17Nov 2012

     Virtual Fiber™ is the smarter alternative to deliver IP connectivity whenever fiber related performance is necessary. With easy set of procedure and installations, high quality performance options and efficient security and reliability - this technology provides the best solution which is not available with fiber. Redline Communication has signe

  • 17Nov 2012

    Fiber has become the greatest bottleneck for generations specifications. Totolink launches Router N300RG which has the level of bandwidth for 100M. Totolink’s development in Korea has the highest network bandwidth by dominating the market share above 80%. The quality of products is stable and flexible with outstanding performance. N300RG is fully fea

  • 10Nov 2012

    November 22nd 2013: No doubt, when a pop star like Rihaana comes to perform in a town, broadband demands also multiply around the performance venue. Most of the service providers get feedback at the end of the show regarding connectivity problem, when fans are attempting to upload concert photos to social media. Recently, Rihanna performed at the Hiram Bith

  • 05Nov 2012

    TORONTO- November 15,2013- Redline Communications, a worldwide provider of wireless solutions for M2M (machine to machine communications) made an announcement that Virtual Fiber™ Wireless Broadband Network has been selected by one of the 5th largest publicly owned worldwide oil and gas company, which is well-known as “Supermajors” especial

  • 05Nov 2012

    We met with Sarwan Singh, the Managing Director of Prologix, one of the leading distributors for wireless solutions in the region and he takes us through the range of solutions he has to offer. At GITEX 2013, Prologix had introduced us to two of his key focus brands and we interviewed them separately. For Find the Audio Here: http://www.channel-bu

  • 25Oct 2012

      For more details: http://issuu.com/enterprisechannelsmea/docs/enterprise_channels_mea_november_13http://www.prologixdistribution.com/product/Cambium-Networks  

  • 20Oct 2012

  • 14Oct 2012

  • 14Sep 2012

    Drive Test is conducted for checking coverage criteria of a cell site with RF drive test tools. Drive Test tools are used for continuous optimization of networks, troubleshooting and fine-tuning.   Nemo Outdoor, leader is network measurement tools,  is a laptop-based drive test tool which supports over 270 terminals on all major network techn

  • 10Sep 2012

    The revolutionary product from Digital Lightwave, Network Information Computer (NIC), is single platform instrument which, through flexible software/firmware architecture, combines a multitude of traditional hardware-based test sets enabling the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of high-speed multi-protocol 40/100G networks. It offers multi-technolo

  • 07Sep 2012

    Kingfisher International is the Australia based leading manufacturer of Optical Test Instrument for inspection and cleaning kits for fibers – OPM (Optical Power Meter), OLS (Optical Laser Source), OVA (Optical Variable Attenuator), Microscopes, Fiber Identifier (FI), OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set) and OTS (Optical Talk set). Prologix Distribution is an

  • 07Sep 2012

    Oscilloscopes are fast, real-time measurement equipment with high accuracy rates which help to solve the toughest measurement challenges for the users.  2-channel model in the InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series, with 1,00,000 waveforms/sec, gives you superior performance and functionality today, and the ability to upgrade capabilities, such as serial measurem

  • 28Jul 2012

    Ideal Industries, world’s leading solution provider for DataComm testing, supplies two primary equipment for cable certifications: - LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifier and FiberTEK® FDX. The very reasonably priced LanTEK® Certifier offers best performance with models ranging from 350 MHz to 1000 MHz for Category 6/ISO E through Category

  • 20Jul 2012

    Billerica, MA. - October 2013: Empirix declares the availability of  Empirix OneSight 9.0, a flexible performance monitoring solution that has the capabilities for setting sophisticated alerts and action plans for excellent voice quality and flexible network system issues. It also monitors contact center and unified communication application troub

  • 17Jul 2012

    ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., November 2013: Cambium Networks, a renowned provider of wireless broadband solution worldwide announced a software upgrade to PTP800 to support  dual stack IPv6/IPv4 interface in PTP 800 Split-Mount and PTP 800i. This new feature enables an efficient and flexible strategy for network operators to provide innovative platform and s

  • 10Jul 2012

    Amazon Eco-Adventure show took please recently by Taipei’s Huashan Culture and Creative Park Playing during the summer holidays in Taiwan. Germany based LevelOne has done their bit to help save Amazon Rainforests by sponsoring the event by supplying Powerline and Wireless equipement. This Ecofriendly exhibition took place from the july to Septmeber 20

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  • 28May 2012

    For wireless and radio frequency solutions, the vendors included Trango Systems, Cambium Networks and Redline Communications, amongst others. Trango outdoor fixed wireless products offer full-featured, High class wide variety of broadband Internet access applications. Trango System offers point- to-multipoint sytems for broadband internet access for wireles

  • 20May 2012

    Test and measurement and wireless solutions distributor Prologix Distribution presented a broad end to end vendor portfolio. These included vendors Agilent Technologies, Anite Finland, Digital Lightwave, Empirix, Fluke Networks, Kingfisher for test and measurement products. For wireless and radio frequency solutions, the vendors included Trango Systems, Cam

  • 13May 2012

    UAE Vice president and Prime Minister of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, inaugurated the 33rd edition of the week-long Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).GITEX is witnessing the participation of key officials and decision-makers in the Information and communications technology (ICT) secto

  • 10Apr 2012

    No.1 Korean Wifi Devises is  the elegant in appearance, compatible with the most advanced AC standard and designed using the most practical software. What if all this smart technology makes you happier? Visit Prologix Showroom to experience TOTO LINK, world's smartest network devices . Totolink Technology Limited company is a professional for Network c

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    ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., October 7, 2013:  Cambium Networks™, a global leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today launched ePMP, a revolutionary wireless access platform for connecting underserved and unconnected global communities. Built on a legacy of field-proven reliability, ePMP is the gold standard for powerful and secure yet

  • 10Feb 2012

    IOGEAR's Phaser 3-in-1 Presenter / Mouse is an excellent tool for medical offices, libraries, and schools as well as for mobile professionals, gamers, and desktop users.No wires: mean you've got the freedom to walk around the room during your presentation without being bound to the computer. Compatibility: It is Compatible with both PCs and Macs. Radio Wave