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AFL Launches the Industry Leading TruEvent™ Technology

  • 28Aug 2014
The M310 OTDR is engineered to address the technical challenges connected with today's enterprise network architectures.

M310 OTDR integrates TruEvent™ Technology, an advanced event analysis software to accurately analyze, locate and measure network events enabling the user to determine where losses meet or exceed specifications. 
The OTDR is easy to use and is designed with integrated source, power meter and VFL which is compatible with DFSI Connector inspection probe.
Key Features and Benefits of M310 OTDR 
 Delivers advanced level of accuracy and reliability in event analysis. 
 An ideal OTDR for enterprise and data center applications 
 Short dead zones to analyze and troubleshoot data center and various enterprise networks.
 Delivers light source for Tier 1 testing purpose. 
 Contains Built-in Optical Power Meter to test as well as store Tier 1 and Tier 2 results in one unit.
 Live Fiber Detection which detects fibers to keep the equipment’s secure and prevent testing the wrong fiber.
 Quickly identify fiber faults and verify polarity
 Contains Data Storage and Reporting Capabilities (TRM™)
 Advanced Analysis Software 
 Engineered for Testing cables with 
 Data Storage and Reporting Capabilities (TRM™)
 Hand- Held OTDR
 Easy to read results 
 Touch and Test® supports users of all levels
M310 OTDR is now available with Prologix Distribution as AFL has chosen Prologix as their Master Distributor and provider of service and calibration support for "Fiber optic test and Inspection equipment and Fiber Optic Cleaning Solution" in the UAE.