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Fast and cost effective wireless networking solution

  • 01Jul 2014
How Pepwave AP One benefits various sectors?

Pepwave AP One access points are well-designed enterprise wireless networking solution without administration procedures. AP One provides advance grade Wi-Fi which quickly has the capability to easily respond to the users' requirements and needs. AP One access point’s series brings down the WI-Fi management hassle and balances with WLAN Controller.
Key Features 
 Focus on your business. Not your network.
 Support for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP
 Client management feature
 Complete VPN solution
 Transmit power adjustment
 VLAN with QoS (802.1p/802.1q)
How Pepwave AP One benefits various sectors?
For Small and Mid-size Businesses- setup, analyze and monitor your office Wi-Fi from your Peplink Balance 
  • Enable AP One access points with the help of Balance One's AP controller
  • On AP One access points and connect them to LAN with ethernet cables
  • Balance One has the feature to automatically configure your access points 
  • Web blocking to protect your system from unwanted websites
  • Generate report of access point usage anytime from Balance One
For Hospitality- hotspots for guest
  • Provide 2.4 GHZ to 5GHZ wireless network for any device 
  • Guests can connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot by accepting your terms and conditions and enjoy web surfing. 
  • Allows you to generate a report of usage from Balance 380
  • AP One Flex delivers Wi-Fi by connecting and powering up to two 802.3af-/48V Pepwave passive PoE-enabled devices such as surveillance cameras.
For Education- install, analyze and monitor campus Wi-Fi with Peplink Balance
  • Enable campus area Wi-Fi services with Balance 2500's in built AP controller 
  • Lecture halls and classrooms can be installed with AP One In-Wall 
  • AP One and AP One 300M can be a perfect fit for large indoor areas, conference rooms which require multiple access points