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Fluke Networks introduces AANPM

  • 25Nov 2014
Fluke Networks introduces e-book Application Aware Network Performance Management which is an integrated Approach to Network and Application Performance Management.

Today when organization network slows down or breaks down completely, users do not care where the problem roots from. They just want the problem to be fixed. With the increase in complexity and interdependencies of today’s IT environment, the approach to network and application performance monitoring called AANPM has increased.
There are various traditional network troubleshooting methods which are time consuming that affects the end users experience. AANPM delivers more accurate and pinpointed view of network as well as applications which consumes less time and easily identifies where an issue originated. The below eBook explains about how application-aware network performance management delivers clarity and in-depth analysis of relation between network and the applications running on it. This makes the work of IT professional smooth and delivers the best experience to end users.
Prologix Distribution is the Authorized Distributor for Fluke Networks’ range of infrastructure data communication cable installer test and measurement products in the region. Fluke Networks is the leading provider of network test and monitoring solutions which allow speeding the deployment and improves the performance of networks and applications. 
For more detail: http://www.flukenetworks.com/press-release/fluke-networks-introduces-aanpm-dummies-how-guide-integrated-approach-network-and-application-performance