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LINKPlanner takes the guesswork out of link design

  • 05Aug 2014
Cambium Networks ePMP™ and PMP 450 network operators can make use of LINKPlanner now.

Cambium Networks introduces LinkPlanner which is now available for point-to-multipoint planning. LinkPlanner has the feature to eliminate guesswork out of a link design and provide the user a reliable performance protection before purchasing or deploying a device or system. Cambium LINKPlanner enables you to easily design links which quickly optimizes your network performance. 
How to Use LINKPlanner?
  • Import Site location coordinates from various sources including google earth and spreadsheets.
  • Envision multi-sector and multi-tower networks in Google Earth™ and Google Maps™ mapping services.
  • Assign user Modules to a Access Point
  • Have a look at link profiles from SM to AP determining link budget, line of sight and expected modulation.
  • Export SM performance data to the Cambium Capacity planning tool for sector-wide performance analysis.
  • Generate a bill of materials for all PMP and PTP components used in a design.
  • Output a proposal report summarizing the complete design. 
Applicable to the below Products
  1. PTP 650 / 650S / 650L
  2. PTP 600
  3. PTP 500
  4. PTP 450*
  5. PTP 250
Licensed Point to Point
  1. PTP 800
  2. PTP 810
Point to Multipoint
  1. PMP 450*
  2. ePMP 1000*