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Looking for DMR? Your search ends with Simoco

  • 29Sep 2014
DMR or the Digital Mobile Radio is a digital radio standard designed to operate within the existing 12.5 kHz channel spacing used in licensed land mobile frequency bands globally.

The strong point of DMR is that it provides affordable digital systems with low complexity and offers voice, data and other supplementary services. 
DMR is an ETSI open standard Simoco Xd range of products fully comply to this standard.
Why Simoco Xd?
Simoco is one global company which has left everyone behind when it comes to delivering outstanding capabilities of DMR – scalability, flexibility, efficiency and lowest cost of ownership. 
An exceptional feature of Simoco DMR  is that it does not rely on switch hardware that would add to cost and reduce resilience, neither does it  rely on proprietary arrangements for routing traffic which is inefficient and limiting in the absence of a genuine control channel.
As an expert radio and wireless communications systems integrator, the company offers its customer opportunities to be able to design build and operate complex radio networks and unified communications, to deliver complete solutions from terminals, infrastructure and applications.
Some prominent characteristics of Simoco Xd:
  1. Reliable and resilient – Robust platform via built-in to the base stations and tough portables and mobiles
  2. Open marketplace – Interoperable digital products protect the customer from single supplier lock-in. 
  3. Natural conversations – Full-duplex speech allows message to get across more clearly.
  4. Ease of deployment – Universal IP technology is used for base station backbone connectivity. 
  5. Safeguarding employees –GPS-based tracking, lone-worker protection and integrated intelligent man-down, send alerts early to prevent incidents.
  6. Expandability – Open interfaces and multiple digital inputs/outputs allow for the creation of a system tailored to specific needs.
  7. Telephony integration –Radio communications systems can be extended to talk to local or worldwide telephony.
  8. Fully integrated communications –Supreme expertise in the integration of radio and wireless communications.