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Measure RAN profitability in real time

  • 30Sep 2014
Did you know that the Radio Access Network (RAN) profitability can be tracked in real time?

If you are a mobile operator and are looking to enhance revenues and subscriber retention by providing improvised customer experience, this may give you an answer.
Empirix is a company which the world’s largest Telecommunication and Service Providers, as well as IT and Enterprises have irrevocably laid their trust on for the last 22 years. Company’s deep knowledge about complex customer communication technologies – voice, video, mobile, web, fax, IM, presence, unified communications, IP technologies, VoIP, IMS, NGN, and more is world renowned. 
In August this year, Empirix acquired Verios Software & Systems, the leading real-time analytics solution company. The acquisition has tremendously strengthened Empirix’s analytical, troubleshooting, monitoring and management capabilities. 
The acquisition is the foundation for creating the first service operation center management (SOC) solution that will analyze and troubleshoot wireless network customer experience from their end-user devices to the core network in real time. The idea is to provide a complete end-to-end vision from access to core network enabling mobile service providers to identify and focus on their most profitable customer segments, specially the roaming customers who are likely to have service issues on the radio access segments of wireless networks.
Empirix’s IntelliSight is a big data, analytics platform that provides a multi-dimensional vision of which applications, services and devices users prefer; what usage trends are emerging; and how to optimize ROI on infrastructure investments. It is a perfect fit for Verios, which gives real time, scalable analytics with easy drill down. 
Due to an increase in the number and type of mobile devices, the challenge to have a real-time view of transaction activity in the radio access network to provide a first-rate customer experience is ever increasing. Empirix and Verios’s complementary visions of service performance management and how to help providers to deliver outstanding customer experiences is aimed towards overcoming this challenge.