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Release 13.2 software available with Cambium Networks

  • 24Nov 2014
The release of 13.2 software by Cambium Networks delivers significant enhancement to PMP 450 wireless broadband platform.

Cambium Networks a global leader in delivering wireless broadband solutions has announced the availability of software release 13.2. This includes improvement in packets per second, MIMO-A and progressive rate adapt. Cambium Networks PMP 450 provides high class wireless broadband network which allows new revenue- generating services for service providers and satisfied speed for establishing links for private and government network operators.
Mr. Scott Imhoff, Vice President of product management, Cambium Networks stated that “with the help of Software release 13.2 for the PMP 450, the team is able to deliver advance throughput and improve stability and durability under harsh environment.
Key features of PMP 450 software release 13.2
1. Delivers improved packets per second performance
2. Inbuilt MIMO-A module for advance RF coverage 
3. IPv6 Filtering and Prioritization
4. GLONASS Support
Cambium Networks PMP 450 is available in 2.4, 3.5, 3.65 and 5 GHz bands which are deployed in hundreds of networks worldwide. This wireless broadband offers reliable wireless network to rural connectivity, remote office connectivity, video surveillance and so on. PMP 450 can deliver up to 125 Mbps throughput per access point in a 20MHz channel.
PMP 450 is now available with Prologix Distribution at attractive price and we also offer EMI Option to our customers as per their requirement.