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Prologix Partners with AFL - The Best in Test, bringing you “The Central Calibration Convenience”

  • 24Mar 2015
Prologix will be the only Calibration & Service Center for Test Equipment in the Middle East, making servicing test equipment easy, effective & efficient.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates March 2015: Prologix has signed the ‘Authorized Calibrator Agreement’ with AFL’s (America Fujikura Limited) Test & Inspection Division. AFL is a 100% subsidiary of Fujikura Ltd of Japan and a leading provider of Test and Measurement Equipment which they manufacture and distribute. For the first-time ever, AFL Test & Inspection has authorized a Calibration Center in the UAE for their customers with the association of their local partner and trusted calibrator Prologix, who will undertake the complete calibration and managing of service requests for the AFL products.
Prologix is dedicated to provide best services so that the customers can confidently carry out their job knowing that the test equipment is measuring and reporting events accurately. 
The highlights of the Service & Calibration Center are:
  •  1. Accredited & quality calibration services.
  •  2. Centrally located to quickly and efficiently service all of Middle East.
  •  3. Fast turnaround for your critical test equipment.
  •  4. All calibrations come with AFL Certificate of Calibration.
  •  5. A guarantee, valid for 12 month from the calibration date.
What does the Calibration Center provide?
Obtain an immediate RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number to send in your AFL product for repair or calibration.
Request Service Quote
  • Fixed-price repair and calibrations, showing both standard and premium (Pre and post data) calibrations options.
  • Request a formal quotation.
Check your instrument’s warranty status and service agreement and coverage details.
Request Service Quote
  • Request a quotation for replacement parts
  • Check your parts order status
Mr. Aditya Sahaya, Director – Business Development at Prologix Distribution said, “AFL has been one of our strongest partners, and we now are proud to venture into calibration field with them. Being nominated as AFL’s only authorized service and calibration partner in the Middle East is a proud moment for us. We are 100% confident that the customers will hugely benefit from this arrangement and there will be a boost in sales”.
Mr. Ahmed El Sakaty, Regional Sales Manager for AFL Test & Inspection said, “Having a local source for fast and reliable service and calibration is key to our success in the region. We are happy to be working with Prologix since they have quickly proven to be a reliable and effective channel for us in the Middle East and we are confident that this center will provide the service our customers expect and deserve.”
Prologix Distribution is a leading VAD in the MEA region and has achieved a ‘difficult to emulate’ record in the distribution of Test & Measurement, Wireless, Telecom and other technologies. AFL and Prologix have had a rewarding partnership so far. The setup of the new Service Calibration Center is expected to augment this relationship further while achieving greater customer experience for both companies.