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Service & Calibration

The Best in Test, bringing you “The Central Calibration Convenience”


Prologix delivers calibration services at our service center in UAE with a wide range of options that helps you to avoid logistics related cost and disruption. To ensure the accuracy of equipment’s it’s important to perform timely calibration. Improper calibration can also compromise a network and impact smooth services. Getting your equipment calibration and in top running shape with Prologix allows your network to function at peak performance.



Our Certified Experts ensure that your equipment is working properly and install necessary manufacturer specified enhancement during the Calibration services. We offer special discount for instrument calibrations for returning clients.


The highlights of the Service & Calibration Center are:
1. Accredited & quality calibration services.
2. Centrally location to ensure quick and efficient service for all MEA Customers.
3. Fast turnaround time.
4. An Authorized AFL/Fluke networks calibration certificate will be provided upon all calibrations.


Please complete the following form to obtain authorization prior to shipping your device to Prologix Calibration Center. Do not ship the equipment until you get confirmation from our side.

What does the Calibration Center provide?

Obtain an immediate RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number to send in your AFL product for repair or calibration.

Request Service Quote
Fixed-price repair and calibrations, showing both standard and premium (Pre and post data) calibrations options.
Request a formal quotation.

Check your instrument’s warranty status and service agreement and coverage details.

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Request a quotation for replacement parts
Check your parts order status

Authorization Form for Calibration

Did you Purchase from Prologix?



Prologix is the Authorized Service and Calibration Center for AFL Test and Measurement Division. For the first-time ever, AFL Test & Inspection has authorized a Calibration Center in the UAE for their customers with the association of their local and trusted partner Prologix, who will undertake the complete calibration and managing of service requests for the AFL products. Prologix is dedicated to provide best services so that the customers can confidently carry out their job knowing that the test equipment is measuring and reporting events accurately.

Fluke Networks

Prologix Distribution is the Authorized Distributor for Fluke Networks’ range of infrastructure data communication cable installer test and measurement products in the region. Prologix Service center is dedicated to deliver the best possible services to our customer. Our Service Center is equipped with a range of instruments, standards and procedures which enable the products to perform at its best. Prologix can offer calibration services to Fluke Networks products as per the Standards.