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Prologix Distribution is a trusted IT Distributor in the Middle East, formed in 2006 when the parent company Prologix LLC reinvented itself by introducing its value-added distribution arm. Since then the VAD has been relentlessly striving to cater to the region’s increasing demand for niche solutions in the fields of wireless and test and measurement. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has branches across UAE and other gulf nations as well as India and Africa.Read more

Vendor Testimonial

  • Cambium Networks

    John Butler, Senior Product Manager at Cambium Network, says; "In the next few years we can see the demand graph of ePMP Products increasing drastically in Middle East and UAE due to the partnership we have made with Prologix Distribution".

  • Totolink

    According to David Zeng, Sales Manager for Totolink, " Prologix Distribution is the perfect company to partner with to become a recognized brand in The Middle East and specifically UAE."

  • Trango Systems

    John Seamon, Director of Sales from Trango System, says; “Along with its preferred partner Prologix Distribution, Trango aims to capture the industry verticals of ISP, Oil and Gas and Government promises a faster ROI. Trango System’s biggest strength is the superior technology and the relative low cost of equipment compared to the competitors.

  • Agilent Technologies

    Pascal Reymond, Distribution Sales Manager for Agilent Technologies, says; Agilent has an edge over its competitors in terms of quality, innovation, affordability, logistics involving same-day shipping through their preferred distributor in the region, Prologix.

  • Digital Light Wave

    Michael Weldon, Director of International Sales feels that the Digital Lightwave, the industry leader in Network Information Computer (NIC) Platform and the their collaboration with Prologix Distribution can prove to be a game-changer for the Middle East market when it comes to network testing solutions.

  • Empirix

    Gerhard Auer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Services, Empirix has emphasised on the MEA market in the past 2 years with keen focus on channel partners and distributors to establish a coherent System Integration path with end-customers. The primary focus of Empirix is to expand it's partnership with their Master Distributor Prologix Distribution, and to align with mobile operators from System Integration perspective.

  • Ideal Networks

    Adam McConkey, Technical Support Manager, Ideal Industries Networks, Ideal Industries Networks products are characterized by better features and comparative pricing. All the testing equipment offer auto-test features. Prologix is the sole distributor for IDEAL networks in the whole of MEA region.

  • Kingfisher International

    According to Tony Roy, Business Manager, the New 2000 platform consists of fibre optic test equipment which is extremely versatile, with multiple ranges of fiber optic cable test sets available from preferred local distributor, Prologix Distribution.

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